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Radio transmitting system waterproof bone conduction technology

Swim training tool designed to talk to the swimmer during the training session providing real time continuous voice feedback.

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transmitting system
bone conduction

The system consists of a poolside transmitter and several waterproof receivers. The three channel radio transmitter, has a range of about 75 mts and supports up to ten receivers per channel at the same time. This coverage can be boosted up to more than 100 mts with an optional three way microphone (sold separately).
The waterproof receiver easily fits under any kind of swim cap and is designed to stay in position even during start and turns. The sound is perceived by the athlete from the headset via a bone conduction technology, which enhances the spread of temporal bone vibrations to the cochlea. In this way, the ear canal remains free allowing simultaneous perception of other sounds. Listening is always perfect even in a noisy, crowded pool!

  • Swimming

    U-Coach is an outstanding tool for training sessions and swimming school. The coach can motivate and encourage the athletes to greater commitment and give them continuous technical corrections from the poolside. This allows the swimmer to get real time hints about stroke rate, lap times, feedback during turns and rhythm or breathing cycles changes.

  • Paralympic Swimming

    The system makes easier blind or deaf athletes training.

  • Open water Swimming

    U-Coach is great for open water swimming. Thanks to its range the coach can communicate rhythm, stroke rate, speed, and steering information from the beach or the boat.

  • Synchronized Swimming

    With U-Coach now is possible to talk to the synchronettes up to a maximum depth of 1.5 m. The system when connected to an MP3 player can transmit music. Using the three channels is possible to train at the same time, in the same swimming pool, up to three teams with different soundtracks!

  • Water polo

    The coach will be able to give relevant information to an offensive or defensive strategy. It’s possible to equip two teams simultaneously tuning the receivers on two different channels. In this way, the coach will be able to address selectively both teams.

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